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Forum rules!

Postby admin » Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:15 am

Forum rules that you must respect if you want to post on this forum.
1. Do not insult others.
2. Do not make accusations without proofs (you risk account suspended/banned/deleted and also lawsuit).
3. Be polite.
4. Do not SPAM (promote your products/services or third party products or services)
4.1 Is not permitted to use in your signature banners or links that contain an affiliate link.
5. You the proper forum when you post.
6. Do not open a new topic if a subject with the same theme exists.
7. You can write posts only in English (also the pools must be in English).
8. Racist content is not allowed.
9. Links to sites that have illegal content, are not allowed (warez, nulled scripts, child pornography).
10. Also talking about how to hack sites, servers, is not allowed (you are allowed to post topics in that you can explain how to improve server security, but not to show how to hack it).
11. Do not try to hack the forum or the server, or to flood it (even the attempts will be reported to the authorities).
If you SPAM the forum, members emails or my email address, your email and IP will be reported to the authorities, and to well known sites that log SPAM activities.
12. Some forums have sticky topics, read them before you post.
If a subject is sticky, for just one subject, don't open another with the same topic.
13. Use search function of the forum before you post, does not bite. :)
14. Does is no guarantee of availability of the forum and the access to the forum (so don't make important plans that involve the availability and perfect functioning of the forum).
15. Your username will not be deleted or changed.
16. Your topics and posts will not be deleted if you ask for that (except special cases).
Admins, Global moderators and Moderators, will classify by their judgement what represent special cases.
Hierarchy on this forum:
1. Admins
2. Global moderators
3. Moderators
4. Normal members.
5. Newly registered members.
Rules can change anytime, without a prior notice.
So come back and check if anything is new at the rules post, every time you want to use the forum.
Thank you for reading them!
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