Here you can post domain names for sale free

Here you can post domain names for sale free

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Please read the next lines carefully!
1. You must own the domain names that you sale (can't be of a friend, relative and so on).
2. Provide proof that you own them by uploading the image image attached to this post, in is the example.
3. Provide screen capture with the domain names details not hidden, so the seller can see your full name and country, city, the rest of details can be deleted in Paint, so when he sends the payment can see that the name is matching the own of the domain name holder.
4. The domain name can be sold only here if you open a topic.
5. You can use bidding (set a minimum price, that can also be 0 zero), fixed price, or/and "Buy it now".
Fixed price means that you sell it for just that price.
If you use bidding, and a user wants to be sure that gets it, if it is the first that says "I buy it now" using "Buy it now" option, then the domain name is his.
6. The buyer most send his ID card, that also must be in English, and a picture of his to be clear visible, also his full name, country and city, and the expiring date of the document (he must delete all other information's, like serial of the document, the rest of the address and so on).
7. After you get the domain name you paid for, you are NOT allowed to ask for refund from the seller. does not guarantee for any sale, the advices that you see above, are made to increase the trust and to lower as much as possible the risk of fraud.
If you do not give the domain name after you get the money, you will be reported to the authorities.
Advice: Use a strong password to all your email accounts, web hosting accounts and so on.
Personally I use for domain selling PayPal and Payza.
On PayPal and Payza you can see the name, of part of the name of the buyer, before the payment is made.
You can use any payment processor you want, but if it is not a popular one, you have lower chances if selling the domain names.
Their is no guarantee that you will find a buyer on this forum. does not respond in any way, for any loss that may occur because of the transactions that you make (risk is entirely yours). includes all the people that manage the forum.
Also the web hosting company, domain name registrar, the datacenter and all their personal, do not respond in any way for any loss of any kind that may occur from using this forum. commission for helping you to sale and buy domain names, is 0 ZERO.
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