Web hosting services coupons! How to post.

Web hosting services coupons! How to post.

Postby admin » Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:57 am

Do you have coupons from different web hosting services?
Post them on this forum!
Subject: Coupon for hostgator.com, shared hosting first month 50% off
Coupon for hostgator.com
Shared hosting, first month 50%.
Coupon code: ...
Expire date: Day/Month/Year (month must be with letters, and full year, not just 13, for example)

Personal experience:
At "Description", you must write a small description of the company, and add "Personal experience", only if you had a personal experience with that company.

Members of the forum that will try them, will tell to other members if they are still valid.
If their is a coupon for a company with the same value, in money or percent, do not post another, it will be treated as spam.
Also do NOT post coupons for the companies that admin already created a topic with a coupon (that would affect forum incomes, and can't be accepted).
Sources of income of the forum, reserved for admin to post:
Thank you!
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